Anti Skid Training

Anti Skid Training

Anti Skid Training

This training is provided by certified instructors from the German Road Safety Council (DVR) for Passenger Vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles and Heavy Commercial Vehicles. Contents and methodology is accordingly designed for each vehicle group.


Learn how your vehicle reacts on wet driving conditions, how to properly brake and the impact of speeding on your braking distance or in a bent.

The increasing traffic, fast developing and changing vehicle technology lead to the fact that drivers have to change their own driving behaviors. Obtaining a driving license does not make drivers a defensive driver, it only allows you to officially participate in traffic with a motorized vehicle. These techniques are provided in two steps:


1 Day

Part 1: Theoretical Training in the morning in a training/meeting room

Part 2: Practical training on the track closed for public traffic. Exercises on the skidpad.     

Headlines of Theoretical Training:

  1. Seat adjustment/ seating position
  2. Seatbelt adjustment
  3. Steering wheel handling and holding position
  4. Safety equipment
  5. Physical forces
  6. Tyres and tyre pressure
  7. Reaction time
  8. Speed and braking distance
  9. Brake systems (w & w/o ABS)
  10. Power transfer
  11. Clutch
  12. Oversteering and Understeering
  13. Driving through a bend
  • Emergency braking maneuver with different speed on dry and wet road condition
  • Targeted emergency braking maneuver with obstacle
  • Emergency braking maneuver with lane change
  • Slalom technique; Steering wheel handling and correct usage of acceleration to get around obstacle